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fightingcrime's Journal

you + me
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always yes, analogies, ann arbor, arguing with aaron terry, autumn in illinois, bad television, big surprises, chris rock, cold mornings/hot showers, cooking aprons, cooking together, dan savage, dreams about us, fireworks, grand adventures, harry potter, holding hands at shop'n'save, holidays, horsies, kissing in airports, korean buffets, libraries, long baths, long distance calls, long johns, long weekends, manual cameras, mispronouncing stuff, movie theater hotdogs, mwah!, my train/your train, naked mariokart, new york city, not watching the movie, other people's weddings, pesto, portraits, quoting the simpsons, reading to you, roadtrip maps, scarfs, sharp cheeses, singing badly, sleeping on the couch, southwest airlines, stories about growing up, superman, sweet wine, tapirs, the cats, the midwest, the san deigo zoo, they might be giants, upsidedown, urban ruins, vancouver someday, winter sweaters, word games, yashica